JCF Audio, founded by Joshua Florian in 2004, is committed to “ruining audio less” by providing the highest quality of professional audio equipment.

Josh began with a few rolls of solder and a conviction that he could provide improved analog/digital conversion systems in a field that embraces new technology with open arms while still recognizing the virtues of the old. This remains as a cornerstone of the company’s philosophy.

Audio engineers should be able to utilize the convenient nature of digital workstations while not sacrificing professional workflow and high quality sound that analog recording techniques have provided for years. We simply try to provide tools that allow for this balance.

Our conversion products are focused on addressing dissatisfaction among users of digital recording systems for music. They are not aimed at motion control, medical imaging, test equipment systems, or any number of other areas where design priorities and product features would be different. The reputation of our company stands on the sound quality of our products.

Josh Florian
Owner, “Beaker”
Josh graduated from Berklee College of Music (B.Mus MP&E). His audio engineering studies at Berklee and time spent in The Mastering Lab tech shop provided him with a strong understanding of both analog and digital systems; using them together during a period of time when the industry was in transition between the two. After many years of designing and coding digital toys, he decided he preferred to use a soldering iron. He has also toured as a drummer and continues to do session work when possible.

Nicole Feeder
Nicole gradated from UC Santa Cruz (BS Physics, BA Mathematics).  She began working with JCF Audio in 2009 primarily assisting with assembly, but now handles a myriad of responsibilities including product development.