“I wanted to let you know that I just upgraded my ******** system to ****, and it came with the new **** ***. I’ve heard good things about it, as it was supposedly completely redesigned from the old ***, and was looking forward to hearing it side by side with my DA8-V. 

So I matched levels, and played the *** first, and I thought that it sounded pretty damned good.

Then I switched over to the DA8-V.

It wasn’t even close.
I love this box!!”

– Bill Gould

“JCF Audio is the shit, and my studio is full of it.”

– Paul Reed Smith

“The phrase ‘Game Changer’ gets thrown around pretty loosely these days. The AD-8 may be the only new thing that I’ve fired up and run sound through in the last 10 years that actually deserves that level of praise. Using the JCF AD-8 is like fishing in a shallow pond with a keg of Dynamite.

– Matt Hennessy

“It’s rare that you stumble upon a piece of gear that changes the game. The Latte has done it for me. I don’t mix to tape much anymore – and this converter has a lot to do with it. Simply put, it sounds stellar!”

– George Seara

Producer / Engineer

“JCF Audio provides the A/D and D/A conversion technology with which I make my living.”

– Doug Sax

President, The Mastering Lab

“Josh came to me a few years ago with the idea of building a set of novel D to A converters for my ProTools rig. He ‘bread boarded’ a pair for me to evaluate, and I was blown away with their sound. He then built a set of 24 and they’re in use every day.

Subsequently, Josh told me he had come up with a whole new topology for an A to D converter. So I commissioned him to build me a stereo one specifically for 24/192 to archive my mixes from multitrack. From the first listen, I was thrilled with what I heard. To give them a real test, I recorded a live jazz band directly through them to two track. I have had serious reservations about the sound of digital from the beginning. But for the first time in my studio, I could not tell the difference between the live buss and the 24/192 capture! I have since recorded several artists live to two track with Josh’s converters. Billy Woodman of the highly respected ATC speaker company in England said about these recordings, ‘I am tremendously impressed by the quality and integrity of the live-to-two track recordings you demonstrated. Excellent dynamic range, separation and phase coherence. The image was large, three dimensional and coherent with a natural fidelity.’ Andrew Jones of Pioneer’s high end TAD speaker company uses these recordings to demonstrate his $70,000 flagship speakers at HiFi shows around the world. I know these recordings would not be possible in the digital domain without my JCF converter.

Josh has now made available a 2 channel A to D and D to A (The Latte) for anyone else interested in getting the best conversion from analog to digital and back to analog there is. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!”

– Bill Schnee

Producer / Engineer