/// 8 ch. Digital to Analog Converter

The JCF Audio DA8-V is a Digital to Analog Converter like no other. The DA8-V offers a unique combination of modern digital conversion and vintage analog line circuitry to provide a multi-channel output solution of irreproachable quality. Its robust design and top-notch Cinemag CM9600-T output iron gives the DA8-V an effortless clarity unsurpassed among converters. As the picture suggests, the DA8-V yields a sound that must be weighed to be believed.



  • 351 inspired output stage
  • Simple self-clocking operation @ all frequencies
  • 1 additional courtesy turn-around DB25 AES port
  • ~20dB front panel calibration range control
  • Sensible output stage current for good performance and long tube life
  • Cinemag CM9600-T output transformer
  • Uses common tubes 12AX7, 12AU7
  • Ships with 5′ standard AES crossover cable
  • 1 year limited warranty


Number of Channels 8
Digital Input 110 Ohm transformer coupled AES/EBU compatible Single-Wire Operation Only
Output Impedance < 40 Ohms
Minimum Recommended Load 600 Ohms or greater
Maximum Output Level +32dBu rms
Distortion <.01% @ +4dBu, 0.025 % @ +28dBu
Noise -70dBu (BW lim 80kHz)
Power Supplies 2 external (1 analog, 1 digital) ~100W idle cons.
Tube Compliment 8 x 12AX7 – 8 x 12AU7 – 1 x 5R4