/// 2 ch. A/D – D/A

Built in the spirit of simple, discrete, solid-state pre and line amplifiers of yester-tech, the LATTE provides refreshing solutions to many modern digital audio problems. At its core, the JCF Audio LATTE is a two channel analog to digital and digital to analog converter for audio. Using the LATTE’s D/A electronics block, the LATTE also works as a two channel microphone pre-amplifier. The A/D section is capable of concurrently capturing this signal to feed your favorite workstation. The LATTE can even serve as a very high quality digital sample rate conversion device. Love the sound of old tape machine electronics? The LATTE has the ability to reproduce audio from a low impedance head on your favorite 15 or 30 ips tape machine as well. Much like the fixins for your coffee, you can configure the LATTE any way you want, and it will always finish smooth.



  • Two AES compatible transformer coupled outputs (mono configurable)
  • Two AES compatible transformer coupled inputs for synchronization reference and data input for both sections
  • Line level +4 dBu analog outputs, Cinemag Transformer coupled (+27.5dBu max output level into 600Ω)
  • Concurrent jumper configurable auxiliary output (+22.5 dBu max output level – line amp, +6.7 dBu max output level – preamp)
  • Completely user-configurable line input block (Actively balanced, unbalanced)
  • Multi-turn trimmers for precise control of A/D input level
  • Multi-turn trimmers for precise control of A/D offset calibration
  • Stylish blue D/A receiver locked indicator
  • Power supply configurable for 120vac / 60Hz or 240vac / 50Hz operation
  • Very low leakage, caged flat pack power transformers for high isolation and low field
  • Unique power supply isolation used throughout
  • <.01 ms total latency A/D section @ 192k
  • Cascade function allows easy digital capture of D/A, Mic pre, or Tape playback
  • Four position selectable pad to optimize drive of carefully crafted Cinemag mic input transformer
  • Independently selectable phantom power
  • 2 ch. optical inputs and outputs
  • Flexible and independent clocking arrangement